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Why To Take A Childbirth Class

In this method of childbirth preparation, we will center YOU, the birthing individual, partnership, or family. We aim to guide you as you gain knowledge to help assist you in making informed decisions; along with a deeper level of awareness and connection to yourself, your birth partner/s, and your baby.

This class focuses on birth as a transformative event that can not be planned. We welcome people birthing in all locations, including in the home, at the hospital, or in a free-standing birth centers.

Each step of the way there is time to SLOW DOWN and reflect on exactly what is important to you and your birthing team! We are excited to have you join us as you explore your own wisdom, compassion, and strength while filling the information gaps so that you feel READY to birth and care for your baby!

If you want to feel ready for birth:

· Learn all the things about birth you didn’t know you needed to know!

· Gain an understanding of the stages of labor and early postpartum.

· Practice comfort measures, labor positions, and partner touch and support.

· Build mindfulness techniques to cope with discomfort and stress.

· Understand when interventions can help birth and how stay grounded if birth looks different than you had hoped.

· Use your worry and fear to help guide your self-advocacy.

The goal of our classes are to help you 'gather a basket' full of pain-coping practices, comfort measures, and new ways of looking at your journey through labor, birth, and parenting. Utilizing skills and techniques from a variety of birthing philosophies, we embrace the reality that birth every birth is unique and that all people involved in the process should have the tools needed to enhance their journey.

You and your partner will learn ways to:​

· Cope with pain during labor, including VBAC births.

· Keep your relationship the priority even with a newborn baby.

· Connect with your new baby (in utero) and prepare for life with two (or more!)

· Strategies for sibling preparation and a smooth transition.

· Set up your new family for healthy bonding after birth.


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