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Birthing From Within & Without Fear With Pam England (HIGHLIGHTS)

When a woman gives birth, it’s not just a baby that’s born… a mother is born too. For some women, this transition can be challenging, confusing, and even traumatic. But today’s podcast guest, Pam England, has a message of hope. She says birth can also be an incredible journey of self-discovery and healing — even if it wasn’t the birth you dreamed of. And in this powerful conversation, she’s sharing the tools, techniques and stories that can transform your experience of birth and trigger profound healing... Pam England is a former nurse-midwife who practiced in hospital, birth center, and home birth settings. After giving birth to her first baby, she experienced emotional birth trauma but could not find a counselor or support group that could listen to her birth story and guide her through the pain and confusion. This was the catalyst that led her to create the Birthing From Within approach, followed by the Birth Story Medicine method in 2006. Since then, Pam has also completed a Masters in Psych Counseling, written a number of books (including Birthing From Within and Ancient Map for Modern Birth) and now teaches others how to become birth story mentors to empower mothers from all walks of life. There are epic and surprising takeaways for EVERYONE in this episode — whether you’ve already given birth (even if it was decades ago), you want to have children in the future, or even if you simply want to learn how to better support and understand the women in your life. So if you want to deepen your understanding of the inner terrain of childbearing, prioritize the emotional and physical health of both mother and baby, and reframe your entire perception of this powerful rite of passage, then pop in those earbuds… this episode is for you.


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