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10 Reasons To Take A Birth Class

You can find everything on the internet right? Well, not quite. While there is a wealth of information out there, there is no substitute for childbirth classes.

1. Overcome information overload Expectant couples want to know accurate and pertinent information, not rumors. Outdated information and irrelevant details can overwhelm anyone surfing the internet.

2. Comfort techniques hands-on practice The best way to master comfort techniques is through actual practice with the actions that coaches can use in labor, which makes the coach much more effective in labor support.

3. Benefits the birth partner Know what to do to help the laboring mom and understanding the birth process makes the coach an active advocate for mom during labor. The coach can ask questions that mom may be unable to ask, such as benefits, risks and alternatives to hospital procedures.

4. Birth plans Couples learn their options as a consumer, and how to be active participants in their birth experience. Couples taking classes are strong advocates for family-centered birth.

5. Classes bring partners closer together Taking a class as parents-to-be helps a couple’s relationship by building communication skills and self-confidence for birth and parenting.

6. Breathing techniques and position changes Just reading about breathing techniques does not do the trick. Hands-on practice gives mom valuable experience with techniques to decrease discomfort, speed up labor and feel in control.

7. Decrease cesarean rate Know when to go to the hospital, techniques to encourage labor to progress, and understand what is normal and what are warning signs – all can help decrease fear and lower the chance of cesarean birth. Failure to progress is the No. 1 reason for cesarean.

8. Meeting other expectant parents Couples in childbirth classes make connections with other expectant mothers and their birth partners. They can share their concerns and joys, face to face.

9. Enhanced L&D Tour The facility tour in the context of a childbirth class is a deeper, more detailed discussion of the hospitalization and birth experience. TMC also offers regular tours for the public, but they are designed to accommodate any expectant families, children, grandparents and others who wish to see the maternity facilities.

10. Prepared childbirth The day you have your baby is a day you will never forget. Classes reduce fear of the unknown and let couples focus on the joy of the birth experience. Though you can’t ‘control’ birth, taking classes will help you feel prepared and supported to make your treasured memories of the birth experience.


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